Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Lil Monsters

These are my lil monsters! (my nieces and nephews)
My lil Monsters is a company my future sis-in-law started. They are a top seller in Pickled Tink. Every monster has a name and its own tag. Above is the Hudson Monster and the tag says "Hi, I'm Hudson. Do you want to play with me? I will always be your friend and watch over you. The more you use me, the cuter I get!"

They come in over 24 different styles and colors for girls or boys.
She does custom orders for onesies, t-shirts and sweatshirts.
They have a little tail on the bum of all the onesies.
Check out her website for more pictures and information.
This is the owner Danielle (Meg's daughter). Isn't she pretty!

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