Thursday, October 1, 2009

We have "BIG" plans for Taylor St.

I picked this sign up at the Genoa Candy Dance last weekend because it makes me laugh... It now hangs proudly at our register in Pickled Tink. Not for pitty but to educate customers that we did not open Pickled Tink to get rich. Many people have advised us to be open more days, longer hours, advertise more... but the truth is that we opened Pickled Tink because it is FUN! It doesn't feel like work to us.
Our five year plan is to be open 6 days a week with employees. So we are going to move down the street to "the big house"! And have our classes in this amazing garage right behind it so we can accommodate 15 in a class. I'm smiling while typing because thanks to all of you we are already growing out of 39 E. Taylor!
And now for the major news! We are putting an Emporium in the old Crystal Springs building! Think antique mall meets plumbgate! It is still in the planning stages but the reason I am posting this is to get you excited about Taylor St.
We are looking for businesses who would like to rent space! Contact Pickled Tink for more information.

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