Sunday, February 20, 2011

Buy a Groupon on Wednesday- $15 for $30 coupon!

Groupon is offering a $15 for $30 coupon Wednesday, February 23rd for all Reno Sparks residents who are signed up. Just go to, enter Reno, give them your email address and set up a password...and you'll start receiving one GREAT! at least 50% off on one offer each day at some business here in Reno/Sparks Ours will be offered on Wednesday only. You won't get it if you aren't signed up!!

Come see our store if you haven't been in lately. We recently merged with Artistree, we offer lots of new art/craft workshops, put on great parties for birthdays/girls night out/ you name it, tons more artists/vendors selling their handmade/ reinvented merchandise. Here's a few pics of some of our new space and lots of glass garden flowers we offer in the store.

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