Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy October!

October is one of my favorite months! I love the leaves starting to fall, the weather getting colder, the pumpkin bread at Starbucks, Nevada day, and planning my Halloween costume!
It could also have something to do with the fact that my birthday is in October :D
It just always seems like good things happen to me in October. I think it is going to be a great month for Pickled Tink too! People are starting to think about Christmas presents, and spending time with their family.
Our October calendar is now available to sign up for classes.
Just call or go online
See you soon!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Closed for Street Vibrations

We are closed Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this week because
Street Vibrations closes Taylor St.
Here are some of my finds from the Antique Market in Roseville last week.
I love that place!
The October calendar is now available.
Hope to see you next week!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Roll out the red carpet for Kelli France

Kelli is Back!
Well sort of, just for some photo shoots and the ever so popular MAMArazzi class
at Pickled Tink
The cost is $45
The class last an hour
It is filled with great info about how to take better pictures of your Children
and she sends you home with an adorable pocket guide
with tips and settings that will fit in your camera case. So clever!
Friday September 25th at 2:00
Remember Pickled Tink will be closed this week due to Street Vibrations
(We are open on Friday from 2-3 just for kelli's class)

Monday, September 21, 2009

We're Clever!

If you haven't read the August issue of Clever Magazine yet here is the artical that Danielle (from wrote for us.
Tell us about the name Pickled Tink and why you chose it?
(Meg) Emily’s grandpa had a boat when she was growing up named Pickled Tink. When she told me about the boat, it just seemed to fit. Now when we think of the name Pickled Tink, it brings to mind fun, creativity, and a playfulness that we all have stashed somewhere inside of us. This is what our store represents to us, and hopefully to anyone who decides to drop in.
What was the motivation to found Pickled Tink?
(Emily) It all began with Meg’s birdhouses. She taught me how to make them, and each one seemed to represent our own individual personality. We began to express our creativity together through the birdhouses, scrapbooking, and furniture re-doing. That’s when we realized that so many women (including ourselves) suppress this desire in their lives, and replace it with jobs that pay the bills. We want to offer a place for women to go where they can get completely submerged in a project, leave the mess, and go back to their lives. Come in by yourself or with some girlfriends, use our tools and supplies, and go home with something original, and made by you.
I’m curious as to how such a talented and creative group of women find each other.
(Meg) Well, it’s actually quite a romantic story. Emily and I met when Emily was in second grade. Emily and my son, Chuck, were friends all through school, and stayed in touch through college. When Emily and Chuck came back to Reno from college they began dating, and are now engaged. This truly makes Pickled Tink a family business. Obviously fate wanted our paths to be connected!
With the store side and class side, which portion is the main one, or do both areas work harmoniously?
(Emily) They definitely work in harmony because anyone can come in and create, or they can just do a little shopping. At Pickled Tink there is something for everyone! This way, you can come in and create, shop, teach a class, or even sell your handmade items. Our boutique gives local artists an opportunity to sell their items on consignment. We hold classes everyday of the week except Sundays, and the boutique section is open Thursday through Saturday.
Speaking of local artists, what are some of the handmade items you sell in your store?
(Meg) We have so many different items from so many different personalities! My daughter, Danielle Sindlinger, makes adorable children’s clothing with monsters sewn on each one. Every monster is unique and comes with its own personalized tag with its name and a description of its personality. Sandra makes precious hair bows for little girls. They come in every color and size, and fit any personality. She also makes a wide variety of baby accessories, including wipe dispensers, and burp cloths. You can find just about anything in our shop whether you’re looking for a gift, or something for yourself.
What are all the kinds of classes that you teach at Pickled Tink?
(Emily) We have teachers in so many different types of artistry. We have over nine teachers who are instructing various types of classes. Our artists are trained in sewing, painting, making jewelry, knitting and crocheting, paper crafting, photography, and so much more. This month we are featuring classes where you can learn to decorate a children’s table set, decoupage a home d├ęcor piece, crochet a throw rug, sew a flower pin cushion, embellish a birdhouse, sew a spa wrap, sew a clutch, make a set of cards, make a piece of jewelry, furniture painting techniques, make a “summer fun” memory book, make a vintage memory book, sew a tote, make a vintage candle, and make “mommy and me” pajamas.
What kinds of events do you host at your shop?
(Meg) We will host birthday parties, girls night out parties, bunco night with the girls, baby showers, or any kind of get together you can conger up. If you want to come in and create something with a group, we can do that. We can also just provide a cute space for you to gather with friends, chat, and have a good time. Pickled Tink recently hosted a young girl’s birthday party, and each girl was able to sew her very own pair of pajama pants. We brought in pizza, played music, and had a great time!
OK, so the Clever staff is always out looking for that special find, whether it be clothing, jewelry or a potholder. But, Pickled Tink brings forth the idea of creating that find from scratch. Tell us about that and how you guys contribute on a whole other level to the fashion savvy community.
(Emily) For us at Pickled Tink, being fashion savvy has more to do with expressing your true self than it does with following a trend that someone else tells you is right. We provide a template and the tools, and you come in and add your own personal flair to any piece. We want people to view our classes as a “safe place” where you are free to create and truly be yourself.
Please come in and see us soon!
Our cover spread has brought us so many new customers and friends.
We had a blast. Thanks Clever!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Lil Monsters

These are my lil monsters! (my nieces and nephews)
My lil Monsters is a company my future sis-in-law started. They are a top seller in Pickled Tink. Every monster has a name and its own tag. Above is the Hudson Monster and the tag says "Hi, I'm Hudson. Do you want to play with me? I will always be your friend and watch over you. The more you use me, the cuter I get!"

They come in over 24 different styles and colors for girls or boys.
She does custom orders for onesies, t-shirts and sweatshirts.
They have a little tail on the bum of all the onesies.
Check out her website for more pictures and information.
This is the owner Danielle (Meg's daughter). Isn't she pretty!

Friday, September 18, 2009

When in Roseville...

I am so excited for the Roseville Antique Market this Sunday. I have never been but I hear its always filled with great finds and great prices! If you are bored on Sunday you should come check it out!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

We Sell Dogeared!

These necklaces make the cutest gifts! The presentation is adorable. We have some for "new moms" "teachers" "sisters" "happiness"...

They range from $24-$56

We have sold so many we are ready to place our next order!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Project "Pajama Pants" Runway

Happy Birthday Megan! We had a blast teaching you and your friends how to sew pajama pants. Thanks for sharing your special day with Pickled Tink Studio. Here are some pictures of you and your friends on the "runway" modeling to your favorite band "Journey".