Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas Gift Idea

Saturday November 21st
Come make a countdown to Christmas calendar for $40. This would make the cutest present! We have so many embellishments to choose from so you can personalize them. Call us at 323-tink (8465) to sign up! 3 spots left for Saturday

47 Down 0 to go!

Whew! We finished 'em just in time! If you have been in the shop lately we apologize for wearing our "grubs" but we have been busy working on 47 birdhouses for the Boys and Girls Club Annual Gala. They are going to be the center pieces for there birds and bees theme. How cute is that?
It's funny how crafting can make you feel like you work at a sweatshop when you have to mass produce like we did. But we managed to have some fun along the way and also got inspired to start making some smaller birdhouses for the shop that will sell for $45. I better go get the paint out of my nails... E

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Laurdry room idea

Is that wierd that the laundry room is one of my favorite rooms?
I think it is considering I hate doing laundry...
The fiance and I just purchased our first house and the first room I decorated
was our laundry room???
It could be because I have never had a laundry room, or it could be that I have the thought if you have a nice laundry room it sets a good standard for the rest of the house....
Anyway I will be sharing pictures soon, but I have two laundry racks (from pickled tink for $60, they are $100 in ballard design) and the glass detergent jar for $21.
It is adorable!!!!

The perfect baby gift

Baby wipes/cloth set $32.50
Diaper wipe cover and 3 burp cloths with matching fabric

If your like me you do your research before you make your purchase....
you want to make sure you have seen everything before you decide on the perfect gift.
From now until the holidays I am going to post Online products of the day
to give you some great gift ideas!