Saturday, May 1, 2010

American Picker

I'm so excited! Today I found my very own "picker"! If you have never watched the show American Picker than this term probably doesn't make sense to you... Basically he brings me windows, doors, glass knobs, chandelier crystals... you name it-he can find it! Then he wholesales them to me (Pickled Tink). It's pretty great! Today he brought me this great half glass door on his bike! Talk about dedicated. He knew I would love it and turn it into something fabulous! I wish I had a picture to share but then you would know what he looks like and might steal him=( Ha! Like a guy with a vintage door on his bike isn't obvious enough...

So here is a great picture of the Bunko party I hosted at 41 Taylor ( Book your summer parties with Tracey now! Bridal shower, birthday party, baby shower, cocktail party.... It was used last weekend by a beautiful bride who got ready for her wedding there! Talk about a great place for a photo shoot!!!

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