Thursday, May 13, 2010

Measure once, cut twice?

I FINALLY finished this potting bench I have been working on for days... It turned out just how I imagined too! I didn't put a hole in the bench because I think it would make an adorable drink station in someones backyard. It going to look a lot cuter in a backyard instead of the back alley behind Pickled Tink... Maybe my backyard? Ha. I intended to "whip" 4 of these little babies out in 1 day. Well after 4 trips to Lowe's, 4 times of taking it apart and starting over, 4 MEN telling me "the right way" I put some meaning to measure twice, cut once! I put so many hours into building this one that I am going to have a hard time selling it =( Have you ever made something that is too cute to sell... I think I just did. oops. Good news is I have 3 more windows (from my picker) that are going to be equally as great (and hopefully easier too now that I have a plan). Make sure you stop by June 5Th for our Taylor St. Market. We have such cute vendors/artist coming! I'll be posting some sneak peeks of our Artist as soon as I get the pictures. It is from 8-3pm. We are going to have popcorn, lemonade and some other baked goods. See you there!

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  1. Emily I am so with you. We are renovating our 1939 house we just bought, and it is killing me how many times I have gone to Lowes and blah blah blah. Sometimes it doesn't seem worth it. I say you keep that darling thing for yourself.